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I'm sorry for your losses. May Allah have mercy on their souls and comfort you and your family.

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I couldn’t agree more on the description of autumn and how September / autumn feels like a renewal. The season of Fall where we shed which six months later goes into Spring to rise up/spring up. :)

Also Tasnim, this paragraph on navigating grief is something I went back and will keep going back to multiple times: “I’ve been asked quite often lately how I am, and, whilst I love and truly appreciate the sentiment behind the asking of the question- the fact that my wellbeing is cared about enough to be asked after, I so often have no idea how to answer it. Some days how I am changes so often, and so suddenly that, as I attempt to answer the question, what might have begun as a truthful response will have turned into a lie before I’ve even finished speaking.“

I’m so sorry for your losses and I hope you have some ease in your days amidst the grieving. 💛

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